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PTR Today!

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the PTR (Zul'Mashar) will be launched today at 9PM. CET+01:00

Registration for it will be opened at 8:30PM CET +01:00.

Registration will take place via Discord, so stay tuned!

What to expect on the PTR: The PTR will mainly be online in the favor of the community to kill time. The rates of the Server will be x10. This will ensure that everyone is able to level up fast enough to find bugs and glitches and report them on the Bugtracker.


How to get the the bugtracker: Simply visit and click the PTR-Bugtracker link provided.

This will get you to the template for the bugtracker. Make sure you get yourself a Github account ! The characters and accounts will not be persistent. You will need to register once more on our long awaited pre-registration before launch.


Disclaimer: The PTR of Darrowshire **WILL NOT REPRESENT THE FINAL EXPERIENCE** we will be providing on launch. You may encounter bugs - glitches - disconnects - freezing clients. Keep that in mind!