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Citizens of Darrowshire! Today we would like to inform you of the next steps of our project.

I’m sure each of you already realized that our PTR was taken down for quite a long time.

We took this opportunity to reach out to you all to listen to suggestions surrounding the implementation of a decent testing phase for our server.

In addition, we finished all the missing parts for our project. While doing so, we actually moved to our final dedicated server we will use for launch.

Specifically, we finished the following:

  • Account management
  • Successfully Ported our Anti-Botting System from the old servercore to vMangos
  • Timeline
  • Launchdate

We all know that the times of overcrowded 15k players and 12k in queue-on-launch vanilla-servers are definitely over because of WoW-classic.

Therefore, making a stresstest is similarly "obselete".

This is why we decided to make use of a suggestion a player gave to us.

Till launch, the PTR will now enter 2 Phases of testing. In these two phases, we will hunt and squash every single bug we find till we reach the endgame content of World of Warcraft - Vanilla.

This includes NPC spawns, loottables, quests, and events. All of these will be revamped to match the original World of Warcraft experience.

Why? Because we will not just launch "another meh vanilla server".

We want to deliver a new vanilla home to you all. We want to make sure the Azeroth that you spend hours in actually feels alive.

Throughout this process, we will contribute as much as possible to the open-source community of vmangos.

These guys actually make our server possible so it’s our responsibility to give these people something back.

The testing Phases:

Phase 1:

  • - Starting: 2nd April 2021 - 8PM (European Standard Time)
  • - Experience Rate 2x
  • - Level cap - 30
  • - Ending: 30th April 2021 - 8PM (European Standard Time)

Phase 2:

  • - Starting 1st May 2021 - (European Standard Time)
  • - Experience Rate 3x
  • - Level cap - 60
  • - Ending: 1st June 2021 - (European Standard Time)

As you can see, we are inching closer to a proper launch.

To give players an incentive to participate in the Beta testing we have devised a rewards scheme.

Every player that reports at least 10 decent bugreports will receive one pet of their choice from the original World of Warcraft collector's edition on launch: Mini-Diablo, Zergling or Panda Cub.

Every player that wants to participate will be noted, and after we launch the pet will be received via mail.

The account management of Darrowshire will go live tomorrow at 8pm (CET) (1st April 2021).

The characters of the old PTR will NOT be available till we hit Phase 2.


Darrowshire Staff