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Looking For a Casual(ish) Guild

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I plan to play an orc warrior and either tank or DPS (undecided). I have never tanked anything beyond dungeons while leveling, so tanking dungeons at max level and tanking raids would be a new experience for me. I've also not set foot in AQ:40 or Naxxramas in Classic as a result of my original server's population dying out just prior to ZG coming out, so I'm behind on all of that.

I play in an NA time zone on the west coast. I'm willing to learn more about my class and the game, and I hope to be a helpful member of a guild. I understand that my time zone and having a schedule that might infringe upon the amount of time I can play could be problematic, so an NA guild or an EU guild sympathetic toward my time issues would be wonderful.

Anyone thinking of making a guild or anyone with knowledge of any guild that would be willing to accept me, please let me know.

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