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Remember to Delete Your WDB (Cache) Folder

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Your client locally stores data about quests, game objects, items, NPCs and more. So when something is called by the client it will use your local copy of data first before getting new data from the server. If you have custom data or broken things it might be because you brought it with you from another server so it sent broken/improper data instead of using clean fresh data from the server.

It is important on Darrowshire as the items are currently in a pre-nerf state that you regularly clear your cache to ensure all data used by your client is current data from the server.

Here is a BAT file for you to use to clear your cache and launch the game every time you play. To create a BAT file, simply create a new text document in Notepad or TextEdit and save the file with a '.bat' extension, and change the filetype from “.txt” to “all files”. I saved mine as 'Game_Launch.bat'. Just place the file in your root WoW Folder:

@echo offrd /s /Q "WDB"start WoW.exeexit


copied from the Nostalrius Forums

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