• Honor on launch. Battlegrounds will be released one month after launch.
  • No honor decay. This means you can take a break of ranking. Meanwhile the needed rankingpoints are slightly increased so the time invested stays the same e.g reaching Rank 14.
  • Blizz-like 1x honor, professions, gold, experience
  • No world buffs
  • Strong anti-cheat system
  • DDoS mitigation
  • Anti-botting system
  • Talents and spells will be Blizz-like to patch 1.12.1 while pets will be as they were in 1.12.1, too . 
  • Starting at Patch 1.3, we will progress through the content together through Naxxramas. Gear will change its stats appropriately through the patches. This includes the old T2 gear. 
  • NPC’s,quests, dungeons, raids and events will also follow a proper progression throughout the patches.
  • Fight for glory!! Our reworked battleground system detects if you roll a premade with your bois and puts you up against, if available, other premades of the opposing faction!
  • Talent respec costs have been fixed! You will never pay more than 10 gold to respec. These NPC’s have made enough gold already!
  • Mob and NPC Health is broadcasted to the player in real time. No need for mob HP addons.
  • We will NEVER put up a SHOP! Donations will not be accepted. If you like our work, spread the word!
  • We will have a combat log system. Compare your performance to other guilds! Strive for greatness and speed!

Launch: 30.07.2021

Nameregistration: 29.07.2021