Vanilla you have been waiting for.

I want to personally thank you for visiting our beautiful website!

Over the last few years the community was hoping to get the REAL vanilla experience. After the release of classic by Blizzard, there is still a HUGE demand for vanilla private servers.

Why? It’s simple. The prevalence of bots, hackers, and gold sellers that have plagued classic. The private server community handled these issues better than a multibillion dollar company.

I played throughout all of classic and every phase it became worse.

I was not the only person that was tired of the abomination that blizzard had created. My team and I decided to deliver the BEST experience for our beloved game: World of Warcraft – Vanilla.

Darrowshire has been in development for one year. It is based on the architecture of Light’s Hope.

You can expect great stability, progressive itemization, excellent handling of HUGE Playerbases, and great replayability!

As a gamer, I believe that gameplay is the BIGGEST factor of a server. Darrowshire aims to deliver the highest quality possible.

Thank you very much for your interest in our project! Do not hesitate to bookmark our page to receive further information regarding the stress test, the timeline and the release date of our upcoming FRESH!

Kind Regards,